Alexander Boldachev

sacha boldachevAlexander Boldachev was born in St. Petersburg in 1990. From the age of five, having mastered the piano and the harp, Alexander began his concert activity and at the same time, he wrote his first work as a composer.

In 1997 he joined the class of Harp (Karina Maleeva) and composition (Svetlana Lavrova) at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. At the age of nine, Alexander started his international career playing the Haendel Harp Concerto with the State Orchestra of Lithuania. In 2005 he entered the Graduate School of Arts Zurich (Switzerland), where he studied Harp with Catherine Michel, Composition with Mathias Shtaynauer and Conducting with Mark Chisocci. He furtherly improved his skills under the guidance of Yana Boushkova, Xavier de Maistre, Marielle Nordmann, Natalia Shameeva, Susann McDonald, Skaila Kanga.

He is the winner of several competitions, among which: the International Harp prize Vera Dulova, Moscow 2000; Felix Godefroid Competition Namur (Belgium) 2000; 1st prize at the International Copetition Valery Gavril 2001; Lily Laskine International Harp Competition Deauville (France) 2002; First prize at International Competition UFAM 2003; First Prize at International Competition Martine Jelliot 2004; First prize at European Foundation for Culture PRO EUROPA, Austria 2005.

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