Alejandra Sandoval

ASMexican soprano Alejandra Sandoval completed her Bachelor of Music (in singing) at the School of Music of the University of Guanajuato in 2005. She has studied and attended master classes with renowned singers and national and international opera teachers, such as Hugo Barreiro, Dunja Vejzovic, Francisco Araiza, Isir Almaguer, Laurel Miller, Ramón Calzadilla, Graciela Araya, Barba Lorey, Kamal Khan, Eugenia Sutti, Edith Contreras, Conchita Julián, Stefano Lovato, Andrés Sarré, Abbie Furmansky, Silvano Zabeo and Isir Almaguer.

She was the winner of the XXIV National Singing Contest “CARLO MORELLI” in 2006, held in Mexico City at the Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico´s most important contest. She won the third prize in the National Singing Contest “OPERA OF SAN MIGUEL” in June 2009. She was a semi-finalist and finalist in several international competitions: TRUJILLO CITY in Peru, IRIS ADAMI CORRADETTI in Padova, Italy, “COMPETIZIONE DELL´OPERA in Dresden, FRANCISCO VIÑAS in Barcelona, Spain and International Competition TOTI DAL MONTE in Treviso, Italy. In Havana, Cuba, she was selected for one of the important singing competitions HANS GABOR BELVEDERE”, held in Austria in July 2007.

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